Your data privacy matters.

Here’s why & what you can do to keeps yours safe

Collected data on stock Android

The OS on your smartphone is the backbone of your digital experience. It’s like the engine in your car, what powers it and without it you’re not going anywhere. And everyone knows some engines are better than others.

  • Google Mobile Services data (your use of Play Store, Youtube, Search, Maps…)
  • App metadata (tracking usage of third-party Android apps and ads efficiency)
  • Sensor data (barometric pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope…)
  • Voice commands
  • Precise, activity-based location data (are you walking, driving etc)

Is Apple and iOS any different ?

In recent years, Apple is presenting itself as the champion of privacy with numerous public statements about user privacy and the challenges presented by the “data industrial complex” (Google, Facebook, Amazon, …).

Why is it important on an individual level

Even though we’ve started seeing a shift in the general user’s attitude around privacy concerns, the most frequent reaction we get when the subject is broached is a shrug and “I have nothing to hide”.

  • Messaging : Signal, Telegram, Threema, Jami, DeltaChat, Element
  • Browser: Tor browser, Brave, Firefox, Bromite
  • Search engines: Qwant, DuckDuckGo, Startpage
  • Email:, Tutanota, Proton Mail, Mailfence
  • Calendar:, nextcloud
  • Storage :, Cozycloud, Tresorit, pCloud…
  • Video hosting: Peertube

How is /e/ different

/e/OS is the only OS today with auditable privacy and mainstream app compatibility.

  • Google default search engine has been removed from the OS everywhere and replaced by a fork of SearX meta-search engine.
  • Google Services have been replaced by microG
  • Google servers are not used to check connectivity
  • NTP servers are not Google NTP servers
  • DNS default servers are not Google’s, and their settings can be enforced by the user to a specific server
  • Geo-location uses Mozilla Location Services in addition to GPS.

What this means for you

Major actors offer so many automatic tailored services.



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