The /e/OS Easy Installer now supports the FP3 & FP3+, and its contributor tells us all about it.

The Easy installer is available for Linux and Windows.
  • fork the easy-installer repo in the /e/ GitLab and clone it to your computer
  • create and edit two YAML configuration files for the device you want to add
  • copy one line in Java code to add a new mapping for your device code name to internal codes
  • check if you can re-use existing batch/shell scripts for the actual flashing steps or create new ones (bash/CMD)
  • check if you can re-use existing instruction texts/images or create new ones
  • run/test the code and package it to an executable, either in an IDE or with gradle on the command line
  • find the root cause if your changes don’t work on first try




A blog maintained by the /e/Os Development Team

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/e/ Developers Blog

/e/ Developers Blog

A blog maintained by the /e/Os Development Team

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