Introducing /e/OS Generic System Images (GSI)

What is a GSI ?

The difference between GSI and Stock ROMs

What is Project Treble?

System requirements for a GSI

  • should be Project Treble- compatible
  • should have an unlockable bootloader
  • should have been launched with Oreo or a newer OS version
  • was upgraded to Oreo and modified to be Project Treble compatible
  • does not have Xposed framework, SuperSu or Magisk
  • has the stock ROM working on it

All about /e/’s GSI

What the /e/OS GSI is not

  • The GSI is not to be used on a daily driver device
  • Not all hardware components would work on it. For example the bluetooth or camera may not work with the GSI on a particular device
  • Do not expect all software applications to work
  • There will be no OTA updates for the /e/OS GSI at present
  • Use it only for testing purpose …to get a feel of how /e/OS works

User checklist before installing a GSI

  • Check if your device bootloader can be unlocked
  • Check if your device is Project Treble ready
  • You can check this by installing a third party app called “Treble Info”
  • The app should tell you if your device is Treble compatible. If your device is not treble compatible, then you won’t be able to install a GSI
  • Under the section “Required Image” please note the image name to download
  • Under “Dynamic Partitions” check if you require fastboot

How to get your hands on an /e/ GSI

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