• Sooraj Sathyanarayanan

    Sooraj Sathyanarayanan

    Cyber Security Researcher

  • ALJ Randall

    ALJ Randall

    Forwarding justice, nonviolence, liberating learning…Writer, editor, composer, nana…We must all act with concern for others and the Earth we share…Last chance

  • Ivan Pleva

    Ivan Pleva

    Crypto Enthusiast. GIF Lover. None of my content/activities on Medium is intended to or constitutes investment advice. https://keybase.io/ivan_pleva

  • Doublepicebs


    A tech insider, a gamer, and a web-design learner.

  • Arnaud Blanc

    Arnaud Blanc

  • Olivier Tripet

    Olivier Tripet

    Freelance Consultant and Trainer on Digital Communication, Social Media, Community Management and Enterprise 2.0

  • Gerhold B. Kooper

    Gerhold B. Kooper

    Curious, love Philosophy; do not accept “facts” just because it said to be proven; rather be convinced through inquiry, if important and time allows.

  • Sven Kopp

    Sven Kopp

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