FairTEC, taking digital sustainability a step further

The FairTEC offer

With FairTEC, we aim to raise awareness for the structures that push for fairer and more sustainable practices within the electronics and telecommunications industry.

The project manifesto

It has been established over and over again that digital technology’s impacts are vast and far reaching, affecting the environment, our societies and our everyday lives.

Source: Statista
  • Reducing the impact of smartphone production by focusing on modular and repairable designs that integrate ethically and responsibly sourced materials.
  • Choosing a lighter and privacy-friendly operating system that does not store infinite amounts of data to profile users or sell advertising.
  • Choosing a mobile subscription that supports you in transitioning to a healthier and more sustainable mobile usage.
  • Choosing an economic model that favours longevity by renting your smartphone and having the support you need to keep it as long as possible.

The actors

Why did /e/ get involved

As a mobile operating system publisher pushing for data sovereignty, joining an initiative like FairTEC felt very natural.



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