/e/OS ports for the PineBook and PinePhone

The /e/OS boot animation screen
  • Fixing the flickering screen issue
  • Fixing the camera that inverts some colors (BGR RGB issue)
  • Allow users to install /e/ on their internal emmc
  • Extract the .gz archive
  • Insert a MicroSD card with minimum 8 GB storage
  • In konsole run the code
  • Please be sure you have selected the right device, as the next step will remove everything on it. This search can also show your main hard disk so be very careful at this point to identify the SD card. Now in the console type
  • Load SD card on to the laptop
  • BlissLauncher the default launcher has not been optimized for tablets as yet. A workaround is to install a launcher like Nova or Lawnchair which will give a better user experience for now.




A blog maintained by the /e/Os Development Team https://e.foundation/

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/e/ Developers Blog

/e/ Developers Blog

A blog maintained by the /e/Os Development Team https://e.foundation/

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