Discover microG, and what it is used for

The Android Open Source Project

What is Google Play Services?

Google is the main contributor to the Android Open Source Project and primarily looks after its development. Decisions are often made in the direction that Google wishes Android to go. Over the years, many of the basic open source apps, such as Dialer, Messages, Camera, etc. have been replaced by proprietary software from Google. These apps often connect to Google’s services.

The Game of Convenience vs Privacy

Privacy Meets Convenience — microG

microG Helps you Use some Google Services — not vice versa

microG with /e/ OS

As microG is a free and open source project, you can check its codebase yourself or ask someone from the community to do it. This openness builds more trust in users compared to Google Play Services’ proprietary implementation, but microG does not make any money by itself. The /e/ Foundation, since 2020, is supporting microG by contributing resources and code. /e/ Foundation also supports the microG founder Marvin financially.



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