App Lounge

What are we talking about?

How does it work?

  1. Commercial applications: It’s the main improvement in App Lounge. It now gets commercial applications directly from the Google Play Store, relying on the Google Play API. You can install different types of commercial apps from this source. All applications are now available within App Lounge: no more “this app is missing” request! You can also, from now, install purchased applications, under certain conditions (check below). The app list is shown depending on device architecture/hardware configuration and selected locale from the device. So users will be able to install the apps that are supported by their devices and preferred locale of the user.
  2. Open Source applications: We continue to offer these applications within our store. The Open Source applications, coming from F-Droid, are currently delivered using the CleanAPK API. When it detects an application is available on both Google Play Store and F-Droid (based on the package name), we promote the Open Source version.
  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA): In addition to usual Android apps, we also offer to users the possibility to install PWAs in /e/OS, like any other application. We want to promote this new way to deliver applications, which reduces the dependency regarding the operating system it runs on. PWA are delivered through the CleanAPK API. Users will receive updates for all their applications. They will be notified when there are new updates available, and they will be downloaded and installed automatically in background.

Native Apps from the Google Play Store catalog without a Google account

Be informed regarding privacy

  • if number of trackers > 5 : 0
  • if number of trackers < 5 : 9 — number of trackers
  • if number of permissions > 9 : 0
  • if number of permissions < 9 : 0.2 x ( (10 — number of permissions) / 2 )

All the features users can expect from an application store

  • Automatic update,
  • Homepage with recommendations,
  • Search feature to find the app you are looking for,
  • App detail page with all the information regarding the app, including some privacy related ones.

What’s next?

Fetching Open Source applications from F-Droid (and get rid off CleanAPK)

Delivering /e/OS default applications update

No-Google mode

Improved Privacy Score

Why can the size displayed in App Lounge and the one displayed in GPlay be different?

Many thanks!

  • The Aurora OSS project behind the well known Aurora Store. App Lounge is using their GPlay API library
  • The Exodus Privacy project, for their continued efforts to provide data related to app trackers
  • The /e/OS community, which helped us a lot and provided valuable feedback during the development of App Lounge



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